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Inlay with Nacre: The Names of Forgotten Women by Cindy Williams Gutiérrez

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Poet-dramatist Cindy Williams Gutiérrez explores the global oppression of women--and testifies to their resilience--in over 20 countries around the world. Based on real-life incidents ranging from Brazilian "honor killings" and Indian sati to Ireland's Magdalene Laundries and "Mississippi appendectomies" to rape as a weapon during the Rwandan genocide, this poetry collection bears witness to the sociocultural forces that have waged war on women's bodies, freedom, and humanity. Now, in the #MeToo era, these poems both underscore and expand the conversation on the diminishment of women, reverberating across all continents and through 43 centuries. Inlay with Nacre is her story--the plight of Woman as bride, wife, mother, and daughter--and a call to action to restore the Feminine in the world.