Wild Plum Farm


The Wild Plum Farm is located just outside of Winthrop, Washington. Established as a “modern dairy plant” in 1930, Wild Plum Farm is now primarily dedicated to producing happy bacon, breeding and nurturing heritage Tamworth pigs.

Local farmer Deb Jones-Schuler and her family care for their drift of 60+ Tams, raising them in open fields and paddocks free from antibiotics and hormones. Deb’s pampered pigs are fed a diet of varied pasture, hydroponically sprouted barley fodder, free choice apples, alfalfa and oat hay - plus the occasional bakery treat!

Wild Plum Farm offers custom pork shares throughout the year. Folks interested in seeing how their pigs are being raised are welcome to visit for a farm tour and to meet the farmers. Deb also opens the farm to school groups from around the region, happy to help educate young folks on the importance of raising healthy, happy, sustainable food.

Deb and her family also recognize the historical and heritage importance of their farm and have spent the past 20+ years restoring the original dairy barn and outbuildings. The dairy barn was completely restored in 2018 and has been designated a heritage barn with the Washington State Heritage Barn Register.

To learn more about Wild Plum Farm and their terrific Tamworth pigs, reserve your pork shares or book a farm tour visit their website www.TheWildPlumFarm.com