Weathered Soul Jewelry

Jenni Tissell, along with her husband, son, and assorted animals, have called the Methow Valley home for over twenty years. Methow Made asked Jenni how Weathered Soul came to be.

So I asked myself one day what does "Passion" mean? Well it is defined as - a strong or extravagant fondness enthusiasm, or desire for anything! And that is exactly what Weathered Soul Jewelry is, a fondness with enthusiasm and desire for making jewelry.

Weathered Soul reflects time worn pieces with a rustic individual style representing the artists heart who loves old weathered things! I love old chippy paint, old trucks, and rust. I love to make jewelry with a hand-crafted look that is unique and far from perfect or refinement. That is just the personal style of the artist. It may not be for everyone, but that is what makes each artist unique. I like to call it jewelry from my hands to your heart! I use several different techniques making jewelry from using sheet metal, wire, vintage items, PMC, and stone setting. I try to educate myself and learn more all the time about jewelry making. Each piece is individually handcrafted so variations occur in each piece.

Weathered Soul Jewelry is where sassy cowgirl and vintage collide. Quality for a lifetime with a look of time gone by and a bit of cowgirl or Native American flavor. Find Weathered Soul at Methow Valley Goods on the TwispWorks campus and at other local retailers.