Vittoria Palazzi Photography


I love to inspire and enlighten with my art and my self-expression. I love to draw the viewer in for a closer look, a deeper look that may inspire inquiry, or at least bring a sense of beauty and lightness.

I have been using photography most of my life really, but in the past few years I have delved more deeply in what I love, into what moves me. I love to photograph horses because they are the most amazing beings who teach me about myself every day.

I also love to get close into the world of macro photography and get a bee’s world view of flowers. Landscapes, nature, trees, clouds, and open spaces leave me in awe over and over again, and I can’t stop capturing the beauty pretty much every day! So, of-course I have so much to share. I believe we all need to share with others in order for the gift to be received, so even though I photograph for myself, sharing the photos is what is important and very fulfilling.

I am a meditation and yoga guide as well, and love to bring stillness and peace to my mind and the minds of others.

Find Vittoria Palazzi cards, prints and fine art at Methow Valley Goods on the TwispWorks campus.  For the stories behind Vittoria's photographs visit her blog at