Sewn By Elise





Intrigued by the skills learned in her 7th grade Home Economics sewing class and having received her first sewing machine at the age of 14, Elise set out to work and play with whatever fabrics she could find; her mother’s discards, thrift store finds, or an occasional new piece bought with saved money. One of her greatest delights continues to be an estate sale sewing box, a tin of savored buttons, needles, pins, and fabrics. She buys new fabrics but continues to comb sewing bins and yard sales for the remains of finished or unfinished projects. Taking apart a piece of clothing to remake a new one can be top notch fun as well as turning fancy trims and velveteen fabrics from days gone by into one-of-a-kind Christmas stockings.

Considering herself incredibly lucky to have this creative outlet, Elise is forever thankful for other occupations that get her outside, learning and moving. Working with toddlers, gardening, books, incredible friends, and a refreshing run or walk accentuates her joys and sorrows for this forever changing world.

Her aprons, potholders, and Christmas stockings can be found at Methow Valley Goods at TwispWorks.