Sawtooth Ridge Woodworks

Sawtooth Ridge Woodwork’s Jeff and Noelle didn’t have a plan to become woodworkers. Both had corporate jobs in Seattle until 2014 when they decided to leave the city behind and move into their cabin just outside of Leavenworth.

After a short apprenticeship with a local woodworker, Jeff designed a floating shelf which they listed in their Etsy shop. They soon began selling more than they ever expected. It didn’t take long before they expanded their product line and out grew their small garage workshop and started looking for a new home and shop to grow their business.

They stumbled upon the Methow Valley and immediately fell in love with a house complete with a blank slate building just 700ft away on the property which would soon become their new woodshop.

"Customer Service is my background and the way we treat our customers is one of the reasons we stand apart from other small businesses like us. We’re looking forward to connecting with local clients to share the same service and passion for what we do face to face" says Noelle.

Jeff and Noelle have come up with ways to create as little waste as possible in their process. Any off-cuts of wood they have are used for smaller projects such as picture frames and packaging to protect larger items when shipping. All the glass they use for their Picture Frames is hand cut by them using old windows they’ve collected and saved from landfills. In addition to that, each bag of wood shavings they create from their machines is saved and donated to locals with animals for their pens or given to away for garden mulch or to make wood pellets. All other off-cuts that are unusable are thrown into their woodburning stove to keep the woodshop warm in the winter months.

"We’re constantly inspired by our surroundings living and working in this valley. We feel so fortunate to be in an area where a makers community is valued and supported." 

You can keep up with Sawtooth Ridge Woodworks on their Instagram and Facebook where they often share their everyday “Shop Life” as well as too many photos of their beloved shop dog Tod.