Pixie Mead & Honey


Benjamin Pixie made his first mead before he was old enough to purchase it and caught his first swarm of bees in 2006. From those beginnings the Pixie Honey Company was born in 2007.

2007 also happened to be the same year Colony Collapse Disorder was first recognized in the United States. In response to that threat Benjamin has developed beyond organic, treatment free, bee centered methods of tending bees that have enriched the health of the hives, and the medicines harvested from them.

Benjamin has taken his background in botanical medicine and years of experience in potion crafting to offer truly unique and potent botanical meads that celebrate the plants and the bees, while returning reverence, magic, and medicine to the imbibing of alcohol.

Benjamin first crossed paths with Maeyoka Brightheart in a luscious meadow on a golden June afternoon in 2013. Over the years a love and eventually a partnership grew, fed by their mutual reverence for the honeybees and passion for the wild. Maeyoka brings to the table a decade of experience tending bees, working with herbal medicine, and deepening her embodiment of the lessons of reciprocity and interconnectedness imparted by the bees and plants. The Brightheart-Pixie family now calls that meadow where they first met home.
Benjamin, Maeyoka, their four children, and a growing community are the stewards of a 160 acre honeybee sanctuary and retreat center, called Skalitude, a name that means "to live in harmony with nature". The Pixie Honey team has grown to become a buzzing hive of inspired and industrious friends and family, all working and loving in service to the honeyed beauties that enrich our lives. Many hands contribute to the tending of hives, harvesting of plants, making of the the magic that fills the bottles, and bringing the medicine of the bees to the people. We need the lessons of the bees now more than ever! Honeybees have been working to make the world into a flowering garden of abundance for millions of years. The Earth needs us humans to apply all of our ingenuity and reverence into joining them in stewarding green, living, blooming diversity in the land that we tend and that feeds us.

Pixie meads and honeys are  available at Methow Valley Goods on the TwispWorks campus and at Hanks Harvest Foods in Twisp.