Pat Leigh Photography


GET OUTSIDE! That’s my mantra, and I live it, constantly seeking opportunities to capture the awe our world inspires.  Hiking, skiing, biking, or simply wandering, alone or with my wonderful friends. If I can manage it, every day, until the light fades….and if I ever learn to see and photograph in the dark, that limitation will be gone.

I worked for a number of Federal agencies and was fortunate to have the freedom to work on several documentary films in Alaska, teach ESL in Uzbekistan and live and work in Russia, always returning to my home base in Seattle.

Retirement brought me to the Methow and, after serving on many Boards, clubs, and committees, I have jumped into my passion with both feet and, of course, a finger on the shutter.  I seldom know what I’m looking for, but the quest is constant, and everywhere, all the time.

I’m hooked, hooked on capturing “the perfect moment”.  If one of my images helps you to glimpse yours, to bring you closer to the love that our planet and creatures deserve, that’s enough. 

You can find Pat's wall prints and cards at Methow Valley Goods and the Mazama Store.