PA'Nana Soap Co

I started making and gifting soap as a way to create and share a little positivity with friends and family. After much encouragement, I began selling my soap, which later evolved into a small business. PA ’Nana Soap Co., makes and sells 100% hand crafted, individually designed, cold-process, small batch soap. I love experimenting with colors, scents, and designs to make fun and delicious smelling creations. Because of this, no two bars of soap are ever exactly the same...but all are made with positivity and heart. My goal is only to sell things that I both love and am excited to use and share.

I believe in buying local, supporting small businesses, using sustainable materials, and fostering creativity and diversity of ideas. All of my soaps are made with high-quality ingredients that are ethically sourced. I feel fortunate that I am able to call the Methow Valley home, as it is a community that shares, supports, and promotes these values. I want both my personal choices and small business to reflect these beliefs.

PA ’Nana (/pəˈnanə/): PA stands for Pennsylvania, my home state and also represents the motto and best life lesson my Nana ever taught me: “PA- Positive Attitude” is the single best attribute a person can bring to any situation in life.

Find PA 'Nana Soap online at and at Methow Valley Goods on the TwispWorks campus.