Orchard House Doughnuts


Drawn to the Methow in 2019, Rose Walker-Young and Arcana Ferschke had the good fortune to land in a house with an eighty-odd tree orchard, apples and cherries and apricots and plums and so many others. With this great harvest, they could only pass it on, and share with others the joy imbued in a sweet little sundrop of fruit.

So began Orchard House Doughnuts, the Saturday market cult phenomenon that shows the power of food made with true ingredients, true craft, and a dash of love. Doughnuts were only the first stop for Orchard House, and soon followed a dry blend to make their coveted chai at home, as well as spice mixes from their popular-but-unorthodox savory doughnuts, with more to come.

Find Orchard House doughnuts and chai at the Farmers’ Market, on Saturdays April through October, check social media for winter locations, and their drink blends and spice mixes at Methow Valley Goods.