Nice Nests

Nice Nests hatched in 2014. From the beginning the mission was clear: to salvage scrap wood (headed for the dump or burn pile) and re-purpose it into functional, species-specific nest boxes. In addition to building breeding habitat for cavity-nesting birds from chickadees to barn owls, Patrick also makes bat boxes, osprey platforms, and structures for native pollinators such as mason bees.

Besides building Nice Nests, Patrick works with landowners and conservation organizations interested in creating, preserving, restoring, or enhancing breeding habitat for cavity-nesting birds. He offers on-site installation and consultation services for everything from backyards to landscape-scale projects covering hundreds of acres.

Nice Nests are rooted in science. Each nest features proper dimensions for the target species, easy cleanout, as well as necessary drainage and ventilation. The interior of the doors is textured to assist the fledglings when it’s time to leave the box, and every nest has a predator guard to prevent squirrels, rats, woodpeckers, etc. from chewing or pecking open the entrance hole.

“Nice Nests are unique works of functional art. No two are quite the same. I love the artistry and creative challenges of working with old wood and funky found hardware. The accents of color are matched to nature: the red of the crest of Pileated Woodpecker, the vibrant green of Wolf Moss (letharia vulpina), the yellow is Arrowleaf Balsamroot, the native sunflower of the American West, the purple matched to a scraggly lilac that grows next to a long-abandoned barn near my home outside Twisp. The salvaged wood has a story. So do the door pulls, ranging from random rusty bolts from ancient farm machinery to river rocks polished by water and time. I always welcome visitors to my workshop at TwispWorks. When I’m there, I’m open – and I’m there a lot. Please stop by and say “Hi.” 

Nice Nests are also available at dozen locations in Western Washington, including the Audubon stores in Seattle and Portland. Patrick is a regular at the Twisp and Winthrop farmers markets, attends all the bird festivals, and many of the home/garden/plant sales and shows in the Northwest.