MK Oil Paintings






Margaret has been painting landscapes of the pacific northwest for 8 years now, ever since her and partner Jonathan moved to the Methow Valley from New Hampshire.  Her work is solely done in oil paint on canvas.  Her work from photographs realistically captures a scene that she finds moving. When you’ve experienced mountains intimately you feel a deep connection to a place.  She wants her artwork to bring that feeling home for everyday inspiration.  She finds when she hangs a mountain scape in her living room it’s a daily reminder to go back for more, to work out harder, to prepare for the next adventure.  Margaret likes to hike, bike, and ski in the North Cascades and travel the pacific northwest. Commissioned paintings turn memories into art, which makes them so special.  She also teaches art lessons in Okanogan County to elementary students, mostly through Methow Arts Alliance.  She also helps her husband Jonathan with his business eqpd gear manufacturing products at Twispworks.

You can find Margaret’s oil pieces at Methow Valley Goods on the TwispWorks Campus.