Mitchellimage Photography

A visual guy by nature, Steve has been photographing life as it unfolds for 4 decades. One could surmise that he tends to be more of a photojournalist then fine art photographer, although he sometimes gets lost between the two. Self-taught and mentored by his father, a black and white specialist, Steve's craft shaped by hanging out in darkrooms, often experimenting with different and unusual photographic techniques. As the digital age came to fruition, his passion for being behind the lens strengthened.

Light, place and time are three photographic tenets that Steve always lives by. He carries a camera......always.... since good light, at the right place and the right time, can often sneak up on him. He never wanted to miss out, as those unexpected moments can be priceless! As a child, traveling as a family, they would often come to a screeching halt in the car as Dad would jump out and disappear over the bank, camera in tow. Minutes later, smile on his face, he would say, "got it".

Somehow, Dad's style stuck.

Stephen Mitchell
MitchellImage photography


“In light of the moment”

Cards and prints by MitchellImage are available at Methow Valley Goods on the TwispWorks campus as well as their website,