Methow Valley Tea

Skip Mackintosh is the primary grower, wildcrafter, and blender behind Methow Valley Tea (MVT). Before moving to the valley, he worked on and managed organic farms with a desire to learn low input growing techniques and self-sufficiency.
“I’ve dedicated the last decade to learning about organic and regenerative agriculture. Methow Valley Tea is an extension of my desire to care for the planet and my community”.
After moving to the valley, he wanted to tend the land by providing a medicinal, holistic, and locally grown product that enriches the community. MVT was born in 2020 from those founding values. “I found a shared space to grow herbs and relied heavily on support from the community around me. I’m bringing comfort to those people in the form of simple, nourishing teas.” His tea blends focus on regionally grown herbs, soothing medicinal qualities, and simple herbal flavor profiles.
Most ingredients are sourced from local and regional farms, or responsibly foraged by hand. If it’s not grown close to home, it’s sourced from certified organic farms to supplement seasonal supply.
His favorite tea, “Immunity” is an immune-boosting blend of Elderberry, Echinacea Root, Rosehips, Anise Hyssop, and Balsamroot. The Balsamroot and Rosehips are mindfully sourced from the Methow Valley hillsides and riverbanks, and the Elderberry and Anise Hyssop from local farms.
You can find MVT’s herbal blends at Glover Street Market, The Mazama Store, and Methow Valley Goods, as well as online at