Methow Gold Honey

The first time Blane Rogers worked bees was with his granddad in the California Central Valley.  By the following year, 1971, Blane had started his first hive of bees in Southern Oregon and in 1980 he moved to the Methow Valley with his family and 200 colonies of bees.

Blane has been producing his Methow Gold Honey for going on forty years. From his apiary located on the banks of the Methow River, just south of Twisp Blane’s bees are free to enjoy the wide variety of wildflowers that are native to the Methow.


These wildflowers affect the honey’s grade of color, and most years Methow Gold honey is a beautiful light color due to the predominate nectars of sweet clover, white Dutch clover, Baby’s Breath and various knapweeds, thistles, alfalfa and catnip. About every third year, Blane will harvest a small amount of spring wildflower honey which has a darker color and rich taste. This rare spring honey is in high demand, whenever Blane is able to harvest it, it doesn’t last long!

Blane’s Methow Gold honey is a Valley staple. Ever wonder why those iconic Cinnamon Twisp pastries are so delicious? They’re made with love using Methow Gold honey of course!  The Cinnamon Twisp Bakery has enjoyed a long and delicious partnership with Blane, and they use his local honey for all their baking needs.

You can enjoy the sweet taste of the Methow Valley whenever and wherever - visit Blane at the Methow Valley Farmers Market, he’s there most Saturdays April through October. You can also find his honey at Hanks Harvest Foods on the Methow Made retail display.