Lariat Coffee

Bob Gamblin and Lori Loomis discovered the Methow Valley after a backpacking trip through the North Cascades. Enamored with the beauty of the land and the warmth of the community, they purchased a five acre parcel and began their quest to move to Winthrop. In 2006, they abandoned their corporate jobs for a more authentic lifestyle and founded Lariat Coffee Roasters.
Lariat carefully roasts each individual coffee to perfection, then blends with the intent to create “The Perfect Cup.”

“The goal at Lariat is to produce rich, flavorful coffee that customers look forward to cup after cup, day after day. Everything we do here at Lariat, boils down to that one moment when a coffee lover takes a sip of our coffee for the first time, every time,” says Lori. “We’re surrounded by beauty and a community steeped in culture and character and we like to say that Lariat Coffee is as big, bold and rich as the land in which it is roasted."

Visit Lariat’s Winthrop roasting facility and tasting room to overwhelm your senses with the aroma of fresh roasted coffee, see the roasting process first-hand and learn how to brew “the perfect cup” of coffee. Lariat Coffee Roasters sells coffee by the pound, brewing equipment and a fine selection of handmade mugs. Visit the facility at 6 Horizon Flat Road #3 in Winthrop.

You can also find Lariat Coffee as well as a selection of curated accessories and gifts for the home at Lariats new retail store on Riverside Avenue in historic Winthrop Washington.