Harvey's Humbles

I was born in New Jersey, and left at age 17 to attend both undergraduate and graduate school at the University of Wisconsin. From there, I headed to Texas when I married a naval aviator, then moved to California’s Central Valley for the duration of the Viet Nam conflict, most of it spent sans husband. Next stop was the Mojave Desert, where I worked in support of the Navy in order to support two children. When they had both graduated from college, I headed to the High Sierra, where I opened a yarn store in a touristy area quite similar to the Methow. Though I greatly enjoyed that endeavor, I gladly left to move to Washington with my now husband. And here I stayed.

At all times during the above hegira, I was (and still am) what I call a Compulsive Maker of Things. With very few exceptions they were fiber things, mostly functional, with a few excursions into decorative items. Probably because of extensive practice, I like to think I evolved from practitioner/technician into artisan, designing everything I made rather than relying on others’ patterns and ideas. I’ve now settled into yarn as my primary medium, playing with color and texture to produce things that make people smile, mainly silly toys and wearable accessories.

You can find Linda at the Methow Valley and Chelan farmers markets in the summer month and her creations are featured year-round at Methow Valley Goods on the TwispWorks campus.