Gardner Gardens

It all started with a bag of bees. In 1972, Dave Sabold and his wife Marilyn were fresh out of graduate school and looking for something new. When they first arrived in the Methow Valley, the pair worked at a boys’ ranch on Wolf Creek where they helped troubled teens grow wheat. Their growing love of plants led to the creation of Gardner Gardens nursery, which they successfully ran for 26 years\During their time at the nursery, a customer brought them a bag of bees and Dave had to very quickly learn what to do with them. This jumpstarted the Sabold’s love for beekeeping and Dave began producing beeswax and honey for the community.

Shortly thereafter, a local chiropractor who was customer at the nursery shared his recipe for a beeswax-based skin cream that he used in his practice. This recipe is the same one that makes up Gardner Gardens Skin Cream today. Although the Sabolds no longer own the nursery, the name lives on in this popular moisturizer which is perfect for anyone who gardens, plays sports or works with their hands. 

The skin cream has a large following because of the great moisturizing effect it has on dry skin from one's hands, face, legs and back. It has been selling well all across the country to the massage therapy community, but gardeners love it as well, says Dave. Gardner Gardens skin cream is made of only the best, all natural ingredients. The main ingredient of the cream is beeswax which Dave himself harvests from his backyard beekeeping operation. Add to that foundation the right amount of coconut, and almond oils, and Vitamin E, and you have a concoction which leaves skin soft and soothed. Visit or stop in at Methow Valley Goods on the TwispWorks campus or at their online store,