Emily Post Pottery


Emily Post was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey. After graduating from college at Evergreen State College in Washington, Emily moved to the Methow Valley with her husband, Lincoln, in1991. After moving, she turned an interest in pottery into an obsession and is now one of the Valley’s pre-eminent potters. 

“All my life I have felt a connection to rocks-the colors, the shapes, the patterns and somehow .... the density. I love the way wind and water and time have shaped the minerals of the earth and I am constantly striving in some way to imitate this. I have always loved the old clay vessels that have survived generations in the kitchen-the giant old bread bowls of the settlers and the ancient pots from the pueblos. To eat food out of a handmade vessel makes the experience even better. In our fast food, throwaway nation the contrast of dish ware made by human hands holds even more power because of the contrast. 

I love when people love to use my pottery. I am honored and humbled to think that something I made with my hands is being used every day in a person’s life...in their daily ritual of raising a hot beverage to their lips and savoring the simple pleasures of life.” 

Emily Post Pottery can be found at Methow Made retailers throughout the Valley, including at the Methow Valley Goods retail store on the TwispWorks campus and online at www.methowvalleygoods.com, the Confluence Gallery, Glover Street Market, Twisp Farmers Market (summer), Winthrop Gallery, Mazama Store, Aspen Grove, and The Wine Shed.