Dragonfish Arts

Chris is a maker of things. She has been creating things for as long as she can remember. The end product is the goal but what really excites her is the journey getting there: the process and materials used in getting to that end “product”. Chris has spent many years exploring various processes—ceramics, metal design, print making, batik, weaving, photography, polymer clay, woodworking, watercolor, kite making and book binding—all for the love of learning what all these different materials can do and how they may be combined to make a new end product.

But glass has been a constant for over forty years and continues to inspire her. There is always a new technique to try. Colored glass is a wondrous thing to behold. Inspiration comes from moving through time and space and absorbing as much as she can from everything around her. The physical and the metaphysical, the ridiculous and the sublime, it's all good.

Find Chris' work available for sale at various Methow Valley retailers including at Methow Valley Goods on the TwispWorks campus.