Doubletree Farms

Sam, Paul and Clyde are the family behind the Methow’s best milk! Sam moved to the Methow Valley in2005 from Vermont, where she and her sisters were raised. Paul, a native New Yorker, moved to theValley in 2003. Both Sam and Paul have a family connection to the Methow, Sam’s Aunt Bo in Mazama and Paul’s Aunt Agnes in Winthrop. Sam and Paul were introduced in 2005 and soon realized they had more in common than just a background in welding. Today they own and operate two businesses togetherWildcat Excavating and Doubletree Farm. 

Doubletree Farm was established in 2008 with two draft horses, Salt and Pepper, and a goal of selling vegetables at local markets using draft power and putting up the hay for the team for the winter. Since these humble beginnings life has continued to evolve. Sam and Paul endured a barn fire in the spring of2012, which paved the way for their current dairy farming endeavors. The next four years saw Sam andPaul put the insurance money from the barn fire and the sweat of their friends and family to good use.In August 2016, Doubletree Farm Dairy sold its first half gallons of vat pasteurized, non-homogenized whole milk at stores in the Methow.

Oh and did we mention, they also managed to bring Clyde into the world in 2014! With the addition of more family to the valley over the years, Doubletree Farm continues to grow, with farming methods that have beneficial environmental impacts and humane animal husbandry at the root of its actions. Sam and Paul are currently selling vat pasteurized, non-homogenized whole milk at stores throughout the Methow Valley and Okanogan. Their raw milk products are available at Glover StreetMarket in Twisp.