Culler Studio


The Culler Studio is a working art studio that focuses on earth pigments, ancient and exotic, and locally gathered botanicals to create unique colors in art. Sara Ashford, who’s family sported the surname “Culler,” seemed destined to develop a love for pigment. After many years, she merged her love with color with her intensive knowledge of textiles to open the Culler Studio. 

Sara opens up her studio for classes where folks come to learn her techniques to create wearable art such as scarves, sarongs and other clothing. Sara creates and helps students create rich colorful, patterns on fabric using local flora and natural dyes and utilizes techniques such as natural dyeing, flower pounding and eco-print bundling. 

You can visit Culler Studio on the TwispWorks campus and find her beautiful hand-dyes scarves for sale at the Methow Valley Goods retail store on the TwispWorks campus, and the Confluence Gallery in Twisp.