Blue Bird Grain Farms

Sam and Brooke Lucy have literally built Bluebird Grain Farms "from the ground up." It started over 15 years ago with a few acres of emmer farro near Mazama; Bluebird is now one of the preeminent producers and processors of organic ancient grains in the United States. Bluebird’s two signature grains, emmer farro and einkorn farro, are the earliest documented strains of wheat cultivated by humans. They are both high in protein and low in gluten, and both are chock full of trace minerals and vitamins. Emmer has a robust nutty flavor and delightfully toothsome texture, and einkorn has a mild nutty flavor, softer texture, and a quicker cooking time. Both emmer and einkorn shine in soups, pilafs, risottos, and grain salads. They are great ancient grain substitutes for rice or quinoa! Bluebird also mills both grains into fresh whole grain flour right on the farm-give them a try in sourdough breads, pancakes, muffins, and cookies. Bluebird also grows Pasayten Hard White and Methow Hard Red wheat and an amazing Heritage Dark Northern Rye. 


The LucysBrooke, her husband Sam, and their two childrenkeep quality high by paying close attention to soil nutrient levels, sun-curing the grain in the field and finishing it in traditional wood granaries and performing the delicate de-hulling process on the farm. All of their products are cleaned, milled, and packaged to order on the farm. Bluebird products can be found at stores and bakeries throughout the Methow Valley, including Methow Valley Goods and the Pacific Northwest, through their online store, or through their grain CSA subscriptions. For more information about Bluebird and their products, please visit their website, or on Facebook or Instagram.